Case Studies

Aerospace Tier 1 Supplier

A former manufacturer of commercial and regional aircraft now supporting a legacy fleet of 400+ aircraft with a full range of after-market services and designing / manufacturing fully equipped aerostructures on behalf of the major Commercial Aircraft OEMs

Aerospace Machining SME

Circa £3.5M turnover privately owned Aerospace SME supplying fully treated complex machined prismatic and rotational parts . Based in the NW of England

Aerospace MRO Services Company

A £40M+ turnover major player in the repair, overhaul and servicing of commercial aircraft undercarriages based in the South West of England

Aerospace Engineering Company

A German based Aerospace Design & Engineering company that provides a wide range of engineering support services to the major Commercial Aircraft OEMs

Laminate Floor Manufacturer

A JV company located in southern Belgium operating highly automated process plant 24x7x365 in the manufacture of high quality wood based flooring products

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