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Transfering Followership concepts and principles to the general business environment

Is the concept of ‘followership’ understood in professional sport in the UK and how transferable are its concepts, principles and application to the general business environment?

Impact of National and Management Cultures in Effective Team Working in an Anglo French Context

Globalization has been described as, “a catch-all phrase for team heterogeneity within a micro organizational context,” (Earley & Mosakowski 2000) and the continuing trend towards convergence or globalization in the world’s economy, supported and facilitated by increasingly sophisticated communications technology, is forcing multinational corporations in particular to examine more closely how best to reconcile different management cultures and leadership styles in pursuit of improved business performance.

How will management need to change as increasing numbers of women enter the professional management world

A research investigation into how management practice in traditional male dominated industrial organizations in the UK will need to change as increasing numbers of women enter into professional management roles.

How Theories of Identities and Complexity produce Leadership Dilemmas

The continued development of diversified theories to explain how workplaces or working environments operate can be baffling for the lay reader or management practitioner.

Complexity and Self Directed Teams

This paper examines the relevance of complexity theory in understanding how self-directed teams (SDTs) form, transform and operate. It examines current literature on the fundamentals of complexity paying particular attention to the work of Ralph Stacey and also available literature/research about self-directed teams.

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