Our Ethos

“Championing Change, Challenging The Status Quo” is our ethos!

Buying consultancy is a major investment for any business and all too often is made more difficult by failing to appreciate and articulate the real underlying problems; we do not shirk from asking the difficult questions that help your organisation to become leaner, fitter and better led whether this is through our interim management style (hands on and dynamic) or through a more traditional consultancy assignment.

We value

  • Your clients & what they value
  • Growth in your bottom line performance
  • Confidentiality & IP
  • Effective Leadership & ‘Followership’
  • Commitment, hard work & honesty
  • The right to enjoy national and business cultures
  • Trust between us

Our behaviour

  1. First and foremost, we challenge business leaders on:
    • Their personal style
    • What they do / how they do it & why?
    • On the relevance of their vision for the business
    • Their connections with all parts of the business
    • How they take and promote accountability
  2. We get observable facts – we won’t rely on reported ‘assumptions’ nor computer databases
  3. With permission, we embrace your customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders.
  4. We look for & eliminate the waste (not jobs) in your business
  5. We ensure there is buy-in & enthusiasm for change
  6. We acknowledge ‘paradoxes of control’ in organisations & work to ensure these are not counter-productive
  7. We propose & implement carefully developed and agreed actions