They say

Jon is one of the most approachable, supportive and motivational people I know. Never afraid to challenge, Jon is passionate about delivering for his clients, providing leadership, direction and structure when it’s needed the most. He effortlessly combines extensive strategic knowledge with pragmatic implementation and has a genuine desire to develop individuals and teams to reach their full potential. Jon has a natural, authentic and open style which results in strong relationships based on trust, something I personally value a great deal.

Sarah Edwards

I worked alongside Jon Laughton in 2009 and 2010 in an Aerospace Service business in the Netherlands. This was a complex assignment requiring detailed industry expertise, relationship skills and a dogged determination to get the required results for the client. Jon displayed abundant skills in all these domains and additionally he found creative solutions to complex problems.

And, for me most importantly, it was a pleasure to work with him.

Paul Elliott – Director, Paul Elliott Consultants Limited

I had the pleasure of meeting meet Jon for the first time some 10 years ago when he worked for my Company GCT GmbH on the Talon programme; he brought to the programme his vast manufacturing knowledge and management skills. Since April 2017, I have been working alongside Jon and Hawksland Associates on various programmes. It is an honour to work with Jon and learn from his many years of experience – he demonstrates undeniable leadership and leads his teams to execute with great professionalism. His experience holds no boundaries and it is always a pleasure to work with Jon.

Nigel Garner – Senior Associate, Hawksland Associates

Jon and I have been business partners for over 14 years, collaborating on multiple projects each year. Jon has the gift of being able to readily understand challenging situations and problems then form an objective balanced view of how to resolve them quickly. His vast experience, unique leadership style, fortitude, coaching and mentoring team building approach ensures that he helps organisations achieve their goals quickly

Gary Windas, Hawksland Associates

When I needed to transform Fokker Services’ business model from an OEM based service provider into a player in a competitive environment Jon Laughton helped me and my management to make the right steps. Using his own extensive experience as a business leader Jon helped us identify the relevant elements of our Fokker DNA that would be essential for our success. He also helped me in ensuring that my management was fully committed to play our new game successfully.

Peter Somers – President (retired), Fokker Services B.V.

Ad Manum provided my first real opportunity as a Consultant. I was provided with the direction and guidance to set up and lead a Lean Transformation team deployed away from the UK. We executed swift but in-depth analysis, leading to both immediate and longer term transformational change in the business areas we were examining, whilst overcoming significant cultural challenges. Throughout the assignment my team followed the Ad Manum model to identify and eliminate waste and promote Lean techniques, streamlining the manufacturing and repair processes whilst overhauling the functions of Continuous Improvement.

In a further assignment, Ad Manum found a role for me managing a programme that was an entirely new venture for our client with considerable start up challenges. Again, with subtle guidance and experienced advice the vast and complex cogs of the programme were put in place and set in motion, providing a firm foundation for which the service could be developed and the product safely delivered.

As I continue my career in consulting I regularly tap in to the knowledge and the experienced direction & guidance provided by Ad Manum.

Dain Thorne MBE – Director, Icarus Aviation Consulting Ltd

I have worked with Jon for the past 11 years and each time I work with him I am inspired by his ability to get to the root of the problem and then find a way to resolve the situation.

As well as his vast experience and expertise in the aerospace and dynamics industry, he brings integrity and a ‘no-nonsense’ approach to projects. He combines a desire to get things done with a focus on quality and finding enduring solutions for his clients.

I have witnessed his support and loyalty to his team and his commitment that every person that works with him or indeed for him should have access to personal and professional development.

He is a passionate scholar of leadership and followership and combined with his authenticity and passion he brings leadership to life for all those who choose to follow him

Amanda Duggan

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Jon on several projects. I find his open, encouraging approach to all that he does both refreshing and inspiring. Jon is an excellent facilitator, shaping a plan with consideration for all those involved. A common-sense approach coupled with a sense of humour, ensure that our work together is always successful and fun!

Amanda Gilmour – Director, Mammoth Events

Jon Laughton came to our laminate flooring manufacturing plant Belgium in January 2007 to help us improve the performance of our profiling lines. I very quickly realised that Jon’s vast experience in running factories coupled with his ability to speak French made him an ideal candidate to take over the factory on an interim basis. From February to September Jon ran our factory and delivered a 20% increase in output compared to the same period in the previous year.

It has become clear to me that Jon not only has an excellent understanding of and a pragmatic approach to the implementation of lean manufacturing but also is an empathetic & strong leader who thrives on building effective teams. A key part of this was our introduction to ‘Hoshin Kanri’ (Policy Deployment) to rationalise and focus our actions and Jon also took our embryonic Kaizen process and completely revamped it into something much more effective. He developed / delivered training materials in French & facilitated events that allowed our shop floor operators and supervisors to really understand how to make key improvements without waiting for the ‘green light’ from management.

I also found that I could talk to Jon about a very broad range of business issues and always received good advice in return.

Peter Le Roy – General Manager – Balterio Laminate Flooring

Jon is an ideal person to develop businesses as he is a thorough business professional who has studied Leadership extensively. He is very current in his thinking and behaviours. He is a strong yet compassionate coach and creates a high level of relevance and context with the groups he is involved in. He brings a wide variety of relevant examples and Leadership concepts to help people understand and improve their performance in the work place.

Jon has great insights into the strengths and talents of others & has supported us in our assessment centres when recruiting new associates to our team. He has a great balance between business and fun. He brings spirit to meetings and social situations, and we view him as a valuable member of our team. We are happy to recommend Jon to any organisation and feel he will add value where ever he operates.

Mark Fitzmaurice – MD – Dale Carnegie Training

Jon is one of those unique senior people who possesses considerable experience and skills in delivering business improvement but who also appreciates the complexity of the human dimension in organisations. This enables him to adopt a holistic approach when tackling performance issues at both an organisational and functional level.

Jon is a values-driven, enthusiastic and decisive individual who is also highly committed to working in teams and developing a team-based ethos.

Gary Denham – MD – Next Step Consulting

A focused & talented leader with a demonstrated ability to deliver time-based and financially robust results. He is a team player with first class analytical & decision making skills combined with a personal integrity that inspires respect from all stakeholders.

Mike King – Former Project Director – BAE SYSTEMS

I’ve worked with Jon Laughton on a number of different occasions over the past ten years and can wholeheartedly recommend him as an extremely resourceful and committed manager / consultant. Jon has accumulated a considerable amount of experience at a senior level in the aeronautical industry both within and outside the UK. He has experience working at both a strategic and operational level and has strong personal values and an extremely high work ethic.

Gary Denham – Managing Director – Next Step Consulting

Jon is a credible and professional Business Partner who takes the time to understand his client’s needs and then creates and delivers innovation business solutions. He consistently looks for ways to add value and coach his clients towards their business objectives. Jon has extensive experience in his field and this knowledge, coupled with his ability to build strong relationships built on mutual trust mean that he is a valued and respected Business Partner.

Amanda Duggan – Director of Project Delivery – Dale Carnegie Training

Jon brings a huge amount of manufacturing knowledge with him and consistently delivers exceptional value for our clients. His work with us has included programmes to implement policy deployment, reorganisation into value streams, embedding lean as an integral part of a continuous improvement culture and top team development. We continue to be impressed with Jon’s performance and look forward to continuing to work with him.

Richard Wardle – Director – Demand Chain International Ltd

I knew Jon first as a client and later as an associate. He brings focus and drive to everything he turns his hand to. A good man to have on your side in a tough environment!

Keith Bissett – Chairman & Partner – The Bourton Group

Jon has an exceptional talent for achieving great results, he has a natural ability to lead positive change, building relationships from the top team to the shop floor. Jon has provided me with great support and guidance on several key projects including Kaizen events, Policy Deployment and manufacturing strategy and and I would highly recommend his work.

Chris Russell – Operations Director – Eurocoach

Jon Laughton and Ad Manum provided a exemplary result for us. Jon made very detailed observations and assessment of our problems and applied a thoughtful, creative approach to the solution. This added real and lasting value to our people and the assignment results flow directly through to improve our financial performance within the first quarter. I found Jon to be very professional, expert and he integrated into our teams very easily. I would have no doubts about recommending Jon for future assignments.

Sean Robinson – Dyson

Jon is an absolute professional. Focused, quick to understand and analyse problems and has a wealth of experience in proposing and implementing solutions, particularly in an Operational environment. An ideal problem solver, coach, mentor or interim manager.

Simon Luxmore – Former Managing Director – Messier Dowty UK

Jon has a vast knowledge of manufacturing that he brings to any client he works for. His enthusiasm and drive ensures that the best operational solutions are developed and implemented

Phil Parry – Managing Director – Jullip International Ltd

Jon is a world-class aerospace management consultant. A great all-rounder with several Senior Executive positions under his belt including that of Managing Director, Jon has a particular strength in Operational improvement and Poilicy Deployment. I would not hesitate to recommend Jon to clients who need to drive cost down and performance up!

Gary Windas – Managing Director – Hawksland Associates Ltd

Jon was MD of Hurel-Hispano in Burnley, UK when I worked there, and I can honestly say that I have never witnessed as strong a leader as Jon anywhere else. He is a superb decision maker, excellent delegator and strong orator whether it be in conveying a strategy, or in dealing with a difficult situation. But at the same time I always felt in Jon that he provided me with terrific support and the scope to express myself. He was quite simply a pleasure to work for.

Mike Hatrick – Engineering Innovation & Transformation – Bombardier Aerospace

I had the pleasure of working for Jon when he was Head of Airbus Business. He fostered an excellent team spirit between his direct reports and also with other key functions including Supply Chain, Engineering, and Program Management. His crisp presentational style and clarity of message ensured that the business objectives were understood at all levels within the organization. As a developing manager I found Jon to be very supportive and an excellent coach. Jon was the driving force behind the successful restructuring of the business to overcome a 300% increase in volume, a 60% increase in product variety, and a 20% reduction in cost with minimal capital spend. In addition, he introduced many progressive materials management initiatives including cut to size material delivered to point of use on a 24 hour call off. This greatly reduced the cash burden on the business and improved cycle time. Jon engendered good planning in his organization which allowed his business to meet its financial objectives and delivery commitments despite constant build rate fluctuation and mix changes.

Keith Matthews – VP Operational Excellence – GE Aviation

Jon is a determined and pragmatic manager with energy and flair. He combines his fast pace or working and decision making style with a team based ethos which motivates people to perform to high standards. Jon has great experience of working at executive levels in demanding manufacturing situations and a track record of consistently delivering results. I full recommend him.

Les Windows – Transformation Director – Thales

Jon was an extremely capable executive, during his time with BAE Systems; he was very focused and knowledgeable regarding the workings of the aerospace industry. I had the pleasure to work with Jon on a number of Airbus initiatives which we had to deliver at the time, these deliverables exist today, well embedded in the airbus manufacturing paradigm; they were good times!

Malcolm Woodhead – Managing Director – MLWPro Ltd

Having known Jon for a couple of years through a mutual colleague, it was great to work with him recently on a tough international assignment. Jon is a seasoned manufacturing professional and his leadership expertise was evident in all of his interactions with the client at every level. He has that rare ability to breakdown complex situations into key elements and identify opportunities. I found Jon very supportive as a colleague during our assignment and it was clear that the client found his input and ideas quite inspiring. I would love to work with him again and recommend him as someone who will “go the extra mile” both for the client and for those he works with. As a consultant in all manufacturing and service environments Jon is in an elite class

Paul Elliott – Business Coach & Purchasing Consultant – Paul Elliott Consultancy

Working with Jon was like a breath of fresh air; he brought an entirely different dynamic to the organisation. He understands how businesses really work – from strategy through to operational implementation; his extensive leadership and management experience combined with a direct yet empathetic approach made him a great management trainer and coach to work with.

Jo James – Former Project Director – Dale Carnegie Training

Jon has helped our business develop the required cultural changes to enable our business to be fit for future. His knowledge and application of Lean-Sigma methodology is without question, and has been the platform for delivering some exceptional results to date, whilst engendering a sustainable platform for future growth and continuous improvement.

Paul Clifford – Managing Director – Messier Services UK Ltd

Jon is an experienced and demanding individual who will set clear goals and direction for his team. He is passionate about change and sets challenging targets to raise performance levels in all aspects of an organisation. Using effective KPI’s and a disciplined approach, he will drive a programme of cultural change. The high standards he sets are always evident from the clean, safe and effective working environment that he strives so hard to create.

Ian Bryson – Operations Director – Kilgour Industries

I recruited Jon in January 1998 as Manufacturing Director but principally as my eventual successor. He was very succesful in implementing change and improving the performance of the business before I retired and I had no doubts that he had the ability to move up into the MD’s role. I remained in an advisory capacity for a year after finishing and was able to see at first hand Jon’s ability to manage the people in the business, the suppliers and the customers during the very difficult period after 9/11. Jon has a great breadth of experience and would be capable of handling a wide range of assignments in many different industries. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Tom Hughes – Managing Director (retired) – Hurel Dubois UK Ltd