We do

We ‘Champion Change and Challenge the Status Quo’ in organisations and management teams; we look for the opportunities to lean out the processes in your businesses and work with your people to implement sustainable changes. We make Leaders very accountable for that change and help them to develop appropriate behaviours that will ensure all your company’s stakeholders are ‘on board’ to deliver a true return on the investment you make in our expertise.

We are experts in applying ‘DMAIC’ through lean processes such as

  • Ohno’s Five Lean Principles for Leaders & Teams,
  • Hoshin Kanri (Strategy Deployment),
  • Value Stream Mapping,
  • Waste Analysis,
  • Kaizen, / Kaikkaku,
  • TPM

We audit your organisation structure, recommend changes only when necessary and also audit your teams’ performance then provide one to one coaching for those who most need to change and /or are most accountable for making things happen. We take real care to differentiate between management and leadership, providing your people with a clearer view on what it takes to be an effective ‘follower’ too.

We know that different national and business cultures can be the cause of disharmony and resistance to change; we understand this and our broad international experience helps us to identify and empathise with your workforces wherever they are so we can help them become leaner and more effective in what they do.

We also offer our associates as Interim Managers examples being, Plant Managers, Programme Directors and Manufacturing Engineering Directors