We Offer

Our MD Jon Laughton has amassed over 2000 UAV flights and over 250 UAV flying hours; he holds a B Certificate (Fixed Wing) from the BMFA and is a recreational UAV instructor.


  • We operate UAS’ commercially under a UK CAA ‘Permission for Commercial Operation’ (PfCO) for photographic and surveying services within the UK.
  • We provide expert advice and guidance on choosing & integrating the most suitable UAV platform & sensor payloads to match your requirements if you are thinking of investing in this exciting technology.
  • We can design, build, repair, service and test-fly UAS’ – both fixed wing and multi rotors
  • We advise on how to operate UAS’ safely and within the law
  • Market surveys to choose the optimum platform / payload / comms solution
  • Access to expert partners in design and operation of UAvs
  • Advice on adhering to regulations
  • Design, build, retrofit, repair services in a dedicated workshop
  • Flying/operation & training
  • Payload System / Integration